Given the stock market selloff Tuesday, do you buy, sell or hold today?

Given the stock market selloff Tuesday, do you buy, sell or hold today?

Here's a sampling of the overwhelming response we had to this question:

Traders and specialists work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.
Peter Morgan
Traders and specialists work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

The markets have been shrugging off the warnings for the last year. Housing markets priced themselves out of the market with the help of the mortgage lenders and their creative lending solutions. They made it too easy to get into a home that you can not afford to keep because of ARM increases, balloons and other questionable practices.
The auto industry is not responsive enough to the needs of the public in giving thrifty and safe vehicles, at a reasonable price. The Japanese have been doing it for years.
The oil crunch is trying to tell us LOOK TO THE FUTURE. We need desperately to research alt. energy sources, hydrogen and nuclear. Hydrogen production is dependent on electricity and water. That's where nuclear comes in. We are blessed with thousands of miles of coastline, by putting nuclear plants offshore and using the electricity to make hydrogen you end up with two clean sources of energy that can move transportation and heat homes. The delivery systems for electricity already exist so the only major infrastructure changes would be in hydrogen delivery and storage. All these changes are doable, and being done on a small scale now.
The drop yesterday was caused by a lack of commitment by business to look at the above problems in a timely manor. Shrugging them off until it was too late to fix them.
Will this be the case of the energy crunch? Or will business make the commitment now to insure our energy future?"
Dave S. AZ

"I plan on holding what I have (all quality stocks) and sell covered calls on some of my stocks (at a strike price 20% higher than my purchase price) six months to one year out. This will reduce the base cost of my stocks, or maximize my return, depending how you look at it .Also, I am considering buying calls on stocks that I do not own, three to six months out. The overall strategy is to protect myself and take advantage of what happen to some companies yesterday."
Merv H. Palm Beach Gardens, Fl

"Have just sold 15% of my $600,000 Stock portfolio..Especially international and high yield bonds."
Larry S.

"Sell. Based on other individual investors’ recommendation to purchase, you should sell. Take Bolling’s advice and buy the second dip."
Terrence B., Ft. Worth, TX

"BUY, BUY, BUY!!! When else can you get the Best USA companies at a discount? I have had some issues on my watch list waiting for a day like yesterday. Bought them and now I sit back and watch the profits roll in."
Sal N., Lake Ronkonkoma, NY

"What happened to the world markets was triggered by Greenspan rising from the dead. He made what he thought was a benign comment. 'We are getting ready for a recession.' I never heard him say that when he was in office. It was only after the fact that the R word was announced. You had to read between the lines. He must miss his office and the power that goes with it. I am fully invested, in high growth stocks with fabulous earnings. I do not like volitily and have little patience. This will be a excercise in patience in what is the best economy we have ever had. Yesterday, I lost all of 2007 gains. It hurts but I am bleeding. Where were the collars on the exchanges? Why wasn't the trading suspended for a period before that 200 point drop befell us yesterday? Everyone went into shock including me. Two vodkas later and a one hour nap, I awoke, caffeine up and continue life. I congratulate all the CNBC announcers who calmly kept going while everyone's pants were dropping. The country owes CNBC many words of thanks for keeping the public from a total panic reaction. Thank you for helping stay cool as I reevaluated my thoughts my long term goals."
Patricia F., Atlanta, GA

"Buy with reckless abandon when all the pundits say do nothing or sell."
Roger S.

"The world wide market sell offs were supposedly due to the Chinese market down turn. That is very insignificant because of fluctuating currency. Until the Chinese government decides to stabilize there currency rate there should not be any consideration given to there economy. Furthermore, their economy will continue to be in jeopardy as long as they ignore importing from other countries..."
Tim I., Meadville, PA

"I would buy; when the market goes down I consider it to be on sale. I am under 50 years old and I am in for the long haul."
Trevor H., Washington DC

"Made my shopping list last night and placed my limit buy orders, but was only able to pick up ITF at a discount. I was really hoping that the correction will have more leg, but investors and speculators rushed back in too quickly. For now I am keeping those limit buys and if we have another significant drop I will add more to my portfolio."
Tony T.

"I think I'll hold off on buying or selling until I have a better sense of where the markets are heading. I will also wait for the hubbub about Alan Greenspan's comments to die down. They helped precipitate yesterday's selloff, rightly or wrongly. When a man of his stature makes comments like he did and doesn't mention the probabilities of a recession actually occurring, is when all the media and all the prognosticators should just shut up. What makes Greenspan's opinions any more worth listening to than anyone else's now that he is no longer the Fed Chairman?"
Roy D., Connecticut

"I have bought selective stocks in my portfolio that took a hit yesterday to average down my basis. Other than adding to existing positions I am holding still for a few days to see where the market goes this week."
Larry C., Houston, TX

"Given that we had poor economic data, errors on the dow and China's cool down there is money to be made. Sideline your emotions not your money. So roll up your sleeves find an entrance this is still a buyer's market."
Erwin S., Chicago, IL.

"In my humble opinion. I believe all markets, including commodities (maybe one exception, gold) are currently fairly valued. I would continue a dollar cost average approach going forward. Individual stock picking is where it's at. Earnings, earnings, and by the way, did I mention earnings? Buying an index is risky and old school. Do your homework. I believe gold is popular for the same reason as following the Anna Nichole Smith story. They both are getting all the attention due to the fact they are getting all the attention."
Bob S., Deming, WA

"Hold. Respectfully, CNBC is missing the story: It's NYSE's failure to maintain an orderly market during a routine 3% correction yesterday. Grasso would have been on the floor monitoring trading, providing confidence, and preparing for contingencies. Thain had to be summoned from his office, and didn't deign to talk to CNBC. "A computer glitch" is PR speak. It's unacceptable. Why should any investor believe NYSE could maintain order flow in an emergency? Thain's resignation should have been on the board's desk this morning. He's an empty suit."
Jack K., Brentwood, TN

"Today is a good day to sell into a rebound. Hedge Fund liquidations and other factors will weigh on the market for awhile. There should be more on the downside in this correction in anticipation of softening economies."
David C.

"I was in pretty good shape thanks to Cramer and his rule of not being a pig. I had a nice run up of 30 to 40% so I started nibbling away at selling about three weeks ago. Everyone talks about BUYING only Jim C has ever given me any advice as to how to sell. He was also very comforting last night after such a bumber day."
Irene M.

"Stay the course. Yesterday's blip was the result of high expectation of the individual Chinese investors trying to make "fast money". Unfortunately, they forgot the mantra of investing - past results do not guarantee future results. They were gambling not investing and saw the downside. If you are a long term investor and base your decision on stock valuation, you have nothing to worry about."
Sydney R., Seattle, WA

"It's nice for the experts who manage millions of dollars to say to wait. But what about the common investor whose every penny really makes a difference? Timing is everything for us. Cramer is the only one on your show that helps us. I would like to buy but need more help."
Robert A.

"I bought several financial stocks that were on my watch list. I jumped into the market about 12:30 Pacific and I am very pleased. The correction was good. I had taken about 15% of my assets off the table about a week ago. In hindsight it was a good move. I will watch to see how the market responds before putting the money back into the market."
Ken C.

"The market has topped ! I'm shorting the S&P (SSO) EFT on any bounces. Many signs everyday that things are getting worse. What people don't understand is that the market has risen to these heights on margin and speculative ETF's with leverage. When this thing really breaks to the DOWN side, there won't be enough doors get out of! Yesterday, the news talked about a computer glitch that caused the drop late in the day. Imagine what it will look like when it's REAL! People who use leverage of any kind are GREEDY. Conversely, they will be the MOST likely to get out first when things don't go their way. Remember, brokerage margin accounts are more now than they were in the 2000 CRASH. This situation can only lead to BAD things when it eventually bursts. BULLS make money, BEARS make money, but PIGS get slaughtered!"
Mike J., California

"I’d Buy! Buy! Buy! This is a perfect opportunity to buy the stocks that are poised to perform well in the coming year. I heard people here at work worried about their 401K’s (mostly because all of their eggs are in one basket) and all I could think of was I needed to get home and go on a buying binge!"
Aaron S., Boise, Idaho

"The FUTURES say buy! I say that buying will be selective. Weak techs such as AMD and RMBS may well decline further as money flows out of these equities and others like them and into stronger issues with better earnings, better sales prospects and better charts! Have a winning day!"
Ken W., DeBary, Fl

"Having cleared some foreign positions yesterday [to take profits], I will hold here and re-evaluate next Monday."
John D.

"You watch closely and hope that Chair Fed Bernanke has as much power over the markets as Former Fed Chair Greenspan. Next week you watch closely what happens in China. I am holding my stocks at this point and looking for buys in the blue chips that I couldn’t afford previously."
Valerie, S., Mt. Sinai, NY

"We need more of a correction. Any big push upward early in the day will be a trap. I'll be on the sidelines, today, or taking a long walk."
Gary C., Rhode Island

"I ALWAYS shop the "sales rack!'"
Ellen C., Louisville, KY

"Probably neither. Although I will hunt around a little this morning for things that have a second day of apparent residual, emotional sell-off and try to cherry-pick one of them. I have however, been shorting more in the last 2 weeks than I have done in a year."
Phil B.

"Being a glass-half-full (or more) and long term type of investor, I would buy more and I am purchasing additional positions. Like Cramer says, 'Buy high and sell higher.' Take this 'crash' as an opportunity and make the most of it."
Terry W., Quincy, IL

"As a full-time home trader, this blind dog was lucky enough to find a bone. After tracking and studying the market trend for weeks, I completed the sell-off of my long-term holdings and took profits on Monday. I plan to put all the accounts into a jumbo money market and continue to study and watch. I think today is a dead cat bounce. Although I do not try to guess a bottom, I plan to ease back in when the advancers double the decliners for at least three days; that has worked well in the past. In the meantime, I am always on the lookout for a catalyst to trade. I think patience is the key strategy."
Judy B., Edmond, OK

"The huge shorts in exchange traded funds that were seen near the end of last week and Monday and tuesday of this week, were an indicator that the market is in for more than a 2 day correction, I sold the majority of my portfolio Monday and Tuesday morning. I will be buying near the end of the week, when the PE's of many companies have come down to a more respectable level."
Nathan P., Midland Ontario, Canada

"In my opinion we should wait. The correction, whether we can speak about correction and not about changing of the trend, will last more then one day. China is indicator that markets are overheated. Look at most stocks. There was only permanently growth ... Investors are very nervous and every single fall starts wide sell-off. Everybody feels that the current growth, which lasted almost one year, must fall down and it must be very deeply."
Vilem O., Zlin, Czech Republic

"I will wait 2 to 6 weeks and buy back into PH - (2/3 mo.), and 2-6 wks. Emerging mkt., with some domestic holdings, I think the world mkt. is in full force now and just watching the American exchanges will not be good enough, there is a lot of money to be made in this world and by not following the herd you can get your share."
John B., Boardman, Ohio

"Hold off tomorrow and see what the big-wigs have to say about the sell off across the world. Then on Thursday, around midday, after the carnage is near done, start buying in at cheap prices and cheap P/E multiples. This is not a recession but a mere correction and the economy in the US, China, and throughout the world is still strong."
Brett F., Chicago, IL

"I not only would buy, but did buy After Hours. Prices are simply better now than they were at any time in the last few months. Did the experts all preaching doom and gloom AFTER the selloff tell you the day or week before to sell? Almost none did. They could neither predict the selloff nor the rebound that will eventually follow. I can't predict either when stocks will rebound, I simply know they are better priced now than before. In order to buy low, by definition, you have to buy after prices have fallen and there's less optimism around."

"Just relax everyone, make your list, check it twice, give it a few weeks and buy buy buy!"
Kameron M.

"HOLD - too late to sell now. I got rid of 70% of my holdings last week - smooth move! Yes - double up on high yielding FRO today ... Dividend one of the highest on the market at 28% ... buy now before $ goes back up."
Naga T.

"Sell - Way too scary! Mid 50's - worked hard my whole life! Do not want to take another beating like 02. Thanks guys, listen all the time and take the advice of the Fab 5. Means a lot to a average Joe like me."
Ronald J.B.

"You SELL today. This is more than a one day event and it began BEFORE the China market tanked. To those inclined to buy today I can only ask: "Do you enjoy jumping in front of speeding 18 wheelers and, if so, can I be your beneficiary on your accidental death policy?"
John C.

"With chronic corruption in the board rooms, CEO compensation packages transcending the obscene, stock price manipulation rampant and lobbyists drafting oversight legislation, why would anyone be in the equity market right now? Selling stocks, in an effort to transition personal wealth to save havens (Treasury Issues), seems like the only prudent path at this point. Many stock indices have under performed the safe havens since 1999. The market risks are reserved for the foolish under such conditions."

"You take profits in stocks that have had run ups over 10% the past month like YHOO , AMZN , EBAY , CSCO , SHLD , etc., and sit on your winnings and buy some beaten down quality names at lower prices in a month or so. Everybody always talks when stocks drop 5% but nothing is ever said when they run up 10-20% in a month."
Tom O.

"Sell. Deflation ahead. China added record capacity, the US consumer is stretched, US banks made too many risky mortgage loans and the housing slump has only just begun. Worldwide deflation, 25% to 40% bear market ahead. You media "Kudlows" can yak about free market capitalism and the long term all you want. This won't end for 5 years. The market has topped!"
Howard S.

"Sell, because that what every fund manager in the country will be doing and all the margin calls will force selling. Got burned before after 9/11 for holding as recommended by all the talking heads."
L. Hoffmeister

"This is the opportunity I’ve been looking for. The market has been looking for an excuse to sell off and it finally found it. Let them sale out of fear and I’ll buy out of greed. Follow the big money - not the scared money. Overall, this will cause an interest rate cut of at least 50 bias points by year end which will get the housing market back on track. This is a cyclical year and you can bet your last dollar, that due to the new VISTA operating system and the new Intel Chips, business and residential alike are just waiting to get that next generation computer to replace the one they have been using for the past 5 or 6 years. The business group will take a little longer due to testing their software products to insure they all work properly, but once that’s done its ala Vista Baby!!!"
Terry S., Gardendale, AL

"In my opinion the recent Stock Market drop will be a minor emotional blip on the historical radar screen. I am taking a cautious approach and moving some money into short-term CDs, which are now paying more than Treasury bonds. If forecasts of an economic slowdown are correct, this may be a good time to be on the sidelines."
Bobby G., New Orleans, LA

“I will be waiting to see how the market goes, before I do anything. I will be watching individual stocks. Stocks need to go a bit lower to be attractive to me."
J. Clark

“With a certain degree of precaution I would start to buy considering this just a healthy correction in the markets and a very good opportunity to take some good positions.”
Fintann B.

“Futures are up, China is on it's way back up, there was a glitch in the NYSE. There may be some selling from investors who can't take a punch, but this is just a hiccup. I'm standing pat.”
Bill M., Dubai

"I plan to take a wait and see attitude. Selloffs have historically gone on for more than one day. Better opportunities may be ahead."
Bill, Winter Springs, FL

“I would buy and sell today. Buy the first couple of hours when the margin calls are being met. Sell later when the mutual funds do their month-end window dressing.”
John S., Venice, FL

"Sell. "This is just the beginning of a nasty correction."
R. Ellis

“I’ll wait and see. I think the market is reacting in typical herd fashion and will probably react negatively to a revised GDP or any other economic or market news that is viewed as adverse to the market or economy. The market has been acting nervously for weeks and the media hype hasn’t helped especially regarding Greenspan’s comments and the sub-prime market.”
Gary W.H.

“I will definitely be buying this morning. A correction was badly needed. We got that correction and maybe we will see more correction in a much more orderly fashion. Right now we are seeing a buying opportunity. The doom and gloom that some predict are only knee jerk reactions and do not represent reality."
Kevin, Lincoln, NE

"I am a buyer today. I am not concerned about the correction. It is the end of the month and there will be a nice chunk of savings/401k contributions added to portfolios as well. I see good consumer spending locally with no sign of slowing. The economy is in great shape and investors don't really have anything to fear but Greenspan's comments."
Kevin M., Newton, Alabama

"It is definitely a buying opportunity, provided you are a long term investor. The growth in US or China or India is not going to stop in the near future. The consumer psychology is pretty strong and the job market is humming. The correction on Tuesday was very healthy and hopefully will keep the weaklings out."
Karthik K.

"It is time to go shopping ... find some good buys."
Mary B.

"Buy. After today's fall I want to think that the American investor can collectively show good faith in our system and not panic ... don't be guided by greed right now...min. buy...NO SELL."
Richard G.

"Believe it or not I was lucky enough to go to 100% cash yesterday (Monday) on a mid six figure investment account. I will be happy to stay on the sidelines until the smoke clears from the (sub prime market, over-inflated oil prices and related impact on consumers, and lack of visibility of future corporate profits) Remember pigs get fat while hogs get slaughtered!"

"Buy slowly -- sell profits in retail and rebuy in July-Aug. Watch tech (AAPL) and financial (Merrill). Use your head, not your heart -- lots of money to be made."
Michael G.