Are You Diversified?

Haliburton, AT&T, Peabody Energy, Johnson & Johnson, Level 3 Communications: "Isn't LVLT, Level 3, a phone company like AT&T? No, LVLT is a speculative pick, and that's its own category. And I have blessed, when you have four other stocks, a fifth ... in a speculative stock. LVLT has been monster good ... I say hallelujah. I say great job."

Apple, Genentech, JC Penny, Sears Holdings, Haliburton: "Eddie Lambert, who runs Sears, is trying to make it an investment vehicle. But right now it is still a retailer. You have two retailers, and I don't want you to do that. I say you flip the JC Penney ... and what I would add, frankly, is a financial."

Jim's charitable trust owns HAL, JNJ and SHLD.

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