Mad Mail

Thanks partner, for being there ... after the 400-point drop. We needed a buddy in that foxhole, and you came thru. You calmed the waters on Mad Money. You're more than just a financial analyst; indeed you're a financial psychologist. Great job! --John

Cramer says: "John, I have to tell you, that psychology is something I learned in the trenches at my hedge fund for many years, and I'm glad on days like yesterday I can bring out what I learned in the '87 crash, the '89 mini-crash, the '90 Iraq problem ... and, of course, 9/11."

I own NYX and am curious if you think yesterday's systemic trading errors will negatively impact the performance of the stock in the long haul. Could you talk about whether an actual (or perceived) lack of "trust" in the system will affect valuation? --Tyler

Cramer says: "Here's the issue: The company that NYX is now is not the company I'm buying for my charitable trust. I'm buying the Euronext-NYX combination ... That is in the future ... People don't want to take the pain in the interim ... I'm not a trader, so I've got to own it for the long haul for my charitable trust. I think you should, too."

I have a question about buying and selling. You always say don't sell into weakness. However, when it’s time to rotate into safe stocks, is it then acceptable to sell into the weakness? --Dave

Cramer says: "Dave, let me tell you. Even when you need to make that change, there will come a better moment than weakness. There will come a better moment when the selling will subside and you get out a little bit higher. That's why I say panic never made anybody a dime. That you have to cross with this principle in order to make some mad money."

Jim's charitable trust owns NYX.

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