Hillary's Market Theory


Still unsure of what caused this week's market turmoil? While it left some market observers perplexed, New York Senator and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said it stems from public debt that is now held by central banks and foreign governments. What's the trade as Hilary sounds the excessive borrowing alarm?

Steve Liesman said Hillary Clinton doesn't make a lot of sense. You can dismiss what she said as absurdity.

Bolling added what does Hilary suggest to do about it. There's nothing to do about it. If she suggest something that's going to work let me know.. because I don't know.

Tim Strazzini said there will be no plan. No resolution. When the Dems took over they tried to make trade protectionism a bigger issue. Hillary is trying to align herself with Americans who think trade protection is somehow good for us.

Dylan Ratigan said the bottom line is don't let the politicians distract you.

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