Is American Ecology Too Hazardous to Handle?

American Ecology's president and CEO, Steve Romano, spoke with Cramer on-air today. He says that business is "going well," especially with a new contract to remove radioactive waste from a site in Pennsylvania. It's a high-volume job that takes waste from PA to the Idaho desert for removal.

Romano admits that a Democratic majority -- and maybe even White House -- benefits his business. The nuclear energy business is one of the most regulated in the U.S, and that keeps the money flowing for ECOL.

Cramer loves the 3.3% dividend and asked if the good business ECOL is enjoying would push it higher. Romano said he's all for sharing profits with shareholders, but he wants to use the money to grow the business through acquisitions and other means. Cramer agrees.

"I'm sticking by this one," Cramer says. Buy! Buy! Buy!

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