CNBC's Schacknow: Sorry, Yum! And Boeing -- Markets Came First

All Markets, All the Time

We’ve had lots of little snippets this week, that in other circumstances would be perfect fodder for the Breaking News desk.

These aren’t other circumstances.

Since Tuesday’s 416-point meltdown for the Dow, the priority has been on the markets -- and stories that might move the markets.

That doesn’t make life at the Breaking News desk any easier, but it does simplify things quite a bit. This week came down to providing constant market factoids -- i.e., the Dow’s worst week since March of 2003, all 30 Dow stocks trading lower, etc. -- and keeping track of areas that were being blamed for the selloff, like the subprime loan market, China, comments by Fed officials, and breaking economic numbers.

That’s OK. This is OUR story if there ever was one, and in our collective humble opinion, no one can do it better than CNBC.

Still, it’s with a touch of regret that I let those other stories go by with only an occasional mention, or in some cases, no mention at all.

Some good examples:

- Yum! Brands hiring a pest-control expert to investigate its New York City locations.

- ABC developing a half-hour pilot based on the Geico caveman ads.

- Boeing considers ending its C-17 military aircraft line, with 7,000 jobs possibly affected.

We do have places where such stories can slide: such as our headline updates and our Stocks To Watch segments.

Still, I realize there was really only ONE reason viewers tuned into CNBC this week, and sometimes what you don’t do is as important as what you do.

Have a good weekend. I haven’t talked to anyone this week who doesn’t need one!