Fund Manager: Emerging Markets Will Return

Is now a good time for investors to rethink their international strategies? John Praveen, Chief Investment Strategist at Prudential International Advisors and Reiner Triltsch, head manager of the U.S. Trust Excelsior Funds, joined "Street Sign’s" Erin Burnett this afternoon to take a closer look at current investment opportunities abroad.

Praveen believes the markets were due for a healthy correction and sees emerging markets returning after the initial instability. “It will take a few more days and perhaps a week or two for markets to stabilize”, said Praveen. He likes global healthcare, telecom and energy and believes Eastern Europe continues to offer value. “I would not write off emerging markets”, said Praveen.

Reiner Triltsch has been neutral on emerging markets for the past year and chooses companies that will do well in times of stress. Triltsch says the “international markets are going to perform relatively well compared to the U.S.”. He believes companies like Cadbury-Schweppes and Adidas are undervalued and that international markets are cheaper in comparison to the U.S.