Mad Mail: 'Cramer, I Love You...'

Booyah Jim!
You reiterated your buy on NYMEX (NMX) during the Lightning Round yesterday. In light of their Feb. 23 filing for a secondary offering, is it better to buy ahead of the offering or to wait until it’s completed?

Cramer says: "You might not get in on the offering. This one's going to be oversubscribed, I believe. I would buy half before, and then hope you get in ... See if your broker is going to get an allocation. Otherwise I'm afraid you'll miss it ... So get a little in first."

I love you. Help me please, and don't think I'm an idiot. I work for AT&T, and we have new investment options. After Tuesday, when AT&T dropped, I moved all of my account, more than $100,000, into an AT&T stock fund, so I got in at yesterday's closing price based on your recommendation ... Now I'm listening to you tonight, and you said don't put everything in one stock. What should I do?

Cramer says: "I feel like that was a mistake, but you're fine. Wait until AT&T goes up a little bit and then diversify. Come on, five stocks. Not all in one. Even with my favorite, I wouldn't do that."

You rock. Thank you for helping all of us Home Gamers through this week. I was invested in the market before the '80s crash. I sold everything and stopped investing! All those years lost. Recently I bought all of your books, and now I'm investing with a plan: Buy and do homework. Tuesday morning comes along and did I panic? No, I waited for Mad Money. You will prevent many young, inexperienced investors from making the same investing mistake that I made 30 (wow) years ago.

Cramer says: "There is a method to the so-called madness of Mad Money. It's to get you in, to get you to do your homework, to stay calm. Use the market sell-offs as an opportunity and get your price..."

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