Your Questions: Cheesecake Factory, Toyota & More


Question #1
Ted from Connecticut asked: “With the China markets and other emerging markets cooling off, both PetroChina and Petroleo Brasiliero - China and Brazil's largest oil companies are off their 52 week highs. Do they look like a good buy or will they go even lower?”

Bolling took the question. "Petrochina is one of Warren Buffet’s calls and you can’t not like it. But, gasoline cracks are trading $18 dollars a barrel. Refiners are printing money. Stay with refiners. Tesoro is a great stock, great chart."

Question #2
Colin from Indiana asked: “Concerning Greenspan's recession warnings and how much more consumer discretionary stocks are going to take a hit, particularly Cheesecake Factory and Nordstrom. Would it be wise to buy 'Cake and Nordstrom now or does the Fast Money crew predict a further decline in price?”

Macke answered: "You’d be better off getting a Ouija board rather than listening to Alan Greenspan these days. I like Cheesecake Factory more than Nordstrom because no one expects much from 'Cake. I like them more, although I’m long Nordstrom."

Question #3
Andrew from Maine asked about Alcatel Lucent : “This company has been called "best of breed" and characterized as an arbitrage play. Can I use this communication equipment company to make fast money or should I look elsewhere?”

Strazzini answered. "I like the networking space and if the world isn’t going into a cataclysm as Dennis Gartman predicted it’s a smart play. But, I don’t want you to own high debt-laden technology companies. Own Juniper or Cisco – as opposed to Alcatel."

Question #4
Nicole from New York asked: “As a female investor, I have been thinking about Toyota and their Prius vehicle. With female celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston buying them, as well as their environmentally sound initiative in the auto sector, is Toyota the right play in this volatile market?”
Adami took it: "Toyota got sold off as the yen strengthened with investors fearing the cars would become more expensive. They sold for the wrong reason. I think this stock has 165 or 170 written all over it. I think Toyota is the best run manufacturing company in the US."

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