"Hidden Gems" Picks From Manager of Evergreen Special Fund

James Tringas, manager of the Evergreen Special Values Fund, offered his stock picks Wednesday on CNBC’s “Morning Call.”

Here they are:

Arkansas Best – Tringas says the trucking company trades below its 52-week high due to a weak fourth quarter and the perception by investors that the economy is slowing and transportation therefore will be hurt. He expects the company to generate strong earnings over the next few years, giving it a lot of cash on hand. Cash, he says, will help limit the downside and could create an upside for the stock.

Kenneth Cole Productions – Tringas says the company is trying to turn its retail business around and the effort showed progress last quarter. He says the company has a strong brand name with good sales. Kenneth Cole Productions also has about $100 million in cash and a market cap of about $503 million.


Morningstar gives the Evergreen Special Values Fund four stars.