It's Time for the Lightning Round!

MGM Mirage : "I am concerned because they're moving into China ... we're so worried about China now that the stock's had a pullback ...You know what? It's had enough of a pullback ... MGM works. I want to own the stock."

Netflix : "[CEO Reed Hastings] makes you want to believe ... and the product Netflix is great, but we've recommended -- and continue to recommend -- Blockbuster because they're moving into Netflix's territory."

Infosys : "The stock has taken a hit here ... Indian outsourcing is a powerful concept that is not going away ... I actually want to buy it here, right now. Its ridiculously low. Its earnings are great."

Shutterfly : "I would rather see you in IAC/InterActiveCorp ."

Tyco : "The company is worth more than $30 ... I think you sock some in. I think the split-up will bring a lot of value. I think there's 25% upside, but you're going to have to wait until the split-up."

Steak n Shake : "If I want to own something in that fast food thing that is regional, I'm going to go with Sonic." Cramer likes Texas Roadhouse even more.

First Marblehead: "I think the stock's interesting at $43. It's had a big run. I would say let it go back under $40 before I want to buy some."

Melco : Cramer is worried about this stock. He says he's going to continue to watch it, and he's not afraid to dump it if it underperforms.

Great Plains Energy : "... terrific ... It's got a great wholesale competitive business, a 5% yield ... I'm going to encourage you to stay in there."

Apple : "You're fine in Apple."

Google : "Googlicious! Below $440, I think that's the price to pull the trigger."

Bank of America : " ... incredibly well run ... It's got a big buyback ... I want to stick with Bank of America." The caller wanted to know if BAC would dip down to $46 because of last week's sell-off. Cramer says no. It's too well run.

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