Battle-Tested Buys

There’s a simple way to find stocks that will weather the next financial storm. Every day the market generates a list of exceptional equities called the New High List. You can bet that any company on this list is a proven winner with real money behind it, so investors can use it to find safe stocks with strong upside potential.

A number of sectors made the list, but Cramer feels most bullish about the pharmacy benefit managers and tire companies, specifically MedcoHealth Solutions and Goodyear Tire .

Medco has always done well because helping large companies reduce healthcare costs is big business. One of the ways it does this is by cutting prices for employers every time a drug comes off patent. (This makes Medco some mad money, too.) Last year saw Zoloft, Pravochol and Zocor come off. This year, Zofran, a nausea-prevention drug for chemotherapy patients, and hypertension drug Inderal come off. Next year is supposed to be even better. On top of all this, Medco has a ton of cash flow and a big pile of cash on the balance sheet.

Even still, Cramer’s more excited about Express Scripts . ESRX is in a bidding war with CVS over another pharmacy benefit manager, Caremark . If ESRX wins, Cramer thinks oligopolistic prices will prevail throughout the industry and analysts will raise their numbers. If CVS wins, then Cramer expects a huge buyback from ESRX. Either way, investors are covered.

And don’t scoff at Goodyear Tire. The company has cut workers' benefits down to the bone and also cut its pension requirements. That’s big savings for any company. Also, Goodyear is about to sell its engineered products division for over a billion dollars. The raw cost of oil is coming down year over year, and Goodyear’s stock is going higher, all on the backs of the wage slaves whose benefits and pensions the company’s scaled back.

Cramer likes Goodyear, but if his opinion isn’t enough, listen to the guys at CRT Capital Group, where he got the idea and the info for this play. They are using a $39 price target on this $28 stock. You want aggressive? That’s aggressive.

Bottom Line: Be prepared for the next sell-off – go for the bull markets in pharmacy benefit managers and tires. Medco and Goodyear are the stud steers for both. Cramer recommends you buy some now and hope for a pullback to buy more.

Jim’s charitable trust owns Express Scripts.

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