We Asked. You Answered. How Would You Invest $1 Million?

In this market, how would you invest a million dollars? That’s what CNBC.com wanted to know, and here are some of your answers:

“Under my mattress. Seriously!” -- Tom L., Michigan

"I would wait for the market to bottom and invest in emerging markets." -- Edwin T, NY

"This would have to be diversified. Blue chip stocks with dividends. Also, I would invest in some real estate via REITS or actual real estate, municipal bonds and some diversified bond funds and commodities, such as a gold ETF. I would probably have at least 4% in cash invested in a good money market split evenly between a tax-free money market and a regular money market. I don't know that much about foreign markets, but would use a little cash to invest in a foreign ETF such as India or Taiwan." -- Steve W., Illinois

"I believe that real estate is where I would invest a million dollars right now. I think in the long run, it is the only sure and safe bet in this market and global conditions." -- Andy M., North Carolina

"I would invest in precious metals. Gold has pulled back in the last week and now should begin its run towards $800 an ounce. Lots of money to be made in the next year or two." -- Ted T., New Hampshire

"Since the market is down considerably and top companies are at all-time or near lows, seems like you would be a fool not to invest most of it in large dividend stocks." -- David M., South Carolina

"Large multi-national oils are the answer for the future." -- Jim B., Illinois

“I would invest in precious metals, alternative energy, and health care. -- Sharon C., Tennessee

“I would be 40% cash, 20% gold, 20% trading daily, and 20% mutual funds.” -- Judy K., California

"Same as usual. Long-term positions in core services and products. Look for over-sold bargains." -- Mark C., Ohio

“I would Invest in natural resources (land) and Treasury notes. -- Phil K., Vermont

“Cash is king at this moment. When the market bottoms, beaten down blue chip large caps and the financials would be the way to go.” -- Ron K., Maryland

“Very conservative, half in tax free bonds, the other half in thirty-day CD's. Ready to move when the complexion of the market changes.” -- Brian T., New York

“On the long side, I feel Ford Motor and JetBlue have been beaten up quite a bit. I feel they will recover from here, and would invest my money there. -- Randy B., Florida

"I would mainly be short on equities, especially real estate stocks, and long on gold and commodities." -- Christine S., Tampa, Florida

"In five stocks: Philip Morris, Goldman Sachs, Cisco, Lowe's Companies, Level 3 Communications." -- Bill S., Michigan

“A wide diversity of solid defensive companies with good growth history is how I would invest a million dollars.” -- Bob W., Nebraska

“I would go 50% Berkshire Hathaway, 30% municipals, 10% international growth/China and 10% QQQQ. -- Roy A., Florida

“Slower earnings periods generally trigger a flight to safety where investors begin to think they will get more out of the solid dividend paying blue-chips, particularly those who provide necessities in the market place. Companies like Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola, Colgate-Palmolive, Clorox, consumer staples that we won't stop buying in tougher times. -- Jenny L., California

“I would invest in a diversified portfolio of mid- and large-cap U.S. stocks. I would buy gradually over the next four weeks.” -- Mikey G., Connecticut

"I would put half of it in ten-year government bonds, and the other half in a 5 1/2 percent 180-day bank note. I would evaluate the market from week to week and make decisions based on evaluations." -- Bob S., Florida

"I would definitely diversify, putting my money in real estate, banking and natural resources." -- Rosalind H., Pennsylvania

“I would invest in bonds, utilities, and in the foreign markets, the Far East -- not only China but in Taiwan as well.” -- Margaret S., Pennsylvania

"I would invest $1 million in stocks that favor a 'cleaning up' of the environment. I believe that this will become a major issue in the coming years and these companies will stand to gain the most." -- Corey H., Maine

“I would invest 25% in annuities that protect the principle while earning growth tied to the S&P 500, then 25% invested in oil and gas products, stocks and mutual funds, and 25% in real estate products because land will always hold value. The last 25% would be in bonds, CDs and money markets that would give me the total protection for the future. -- Fred D., Texas

"Very carefully! I think I would stick with the tried and proven and invest in those companies that fall lower than the Dow in percentage for no other reason than the Dow has fallen. I would especially stay away from anything analysts were talking about as they obviously have a different agenda and their ratings are NOT in the best interests of the individual investor." --Jerry K., Massachusetts

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