Cramer's Full-Court Press Play

There’s a better way to make money off March Madness than the office pool – and you probably have better odds when you’re listening to Cramer. Here’s the strategy: Take advantage of the millions of lost hours of productivity as people watch college basketball on their computers at work.

Fans can watch tournament games online through March Madness On Demand, which is offered by or through CBS Akamai is the company that makes this possible, and it’s by far the best for optimizing online video. It even went so far as to make a “Boss” button for their player that turns the screen into a spreadsheet to keep your viewing secret.

Akamai was the March Madness play last year, and Cramer says it will be this year as well. What happens is that people watch the games because of Akamai and then buy the stock. This is a real phenomenon, and Pacific Crest just updated the company for this very reason.

But this isn’t the only reason Cramer loves the stock. Akamai is also the best play off last week’s correction – his pick-among-the-rubble stock. It’s down, and it’s down hard. It was trading at $57 and change before the drop and now it’s at $50.41. This stock is way off its high, and it doesn’t deserve to be. In fact, at this time of year, Akamai should be selling for more than it ever has. Instead, you get a discount thanks to last week’s panic.

If you’ve been following Mad Money all week, then you know that this is only one part of Cramer’s strategy. In addition to the discount, the stocks have to prove that they’re inoculated against a downturn. Akamai’s proof: It offered guidance of $610 million to $625 million in revenues for 2007. That’s $32 million to $50 million more than Street estimates.

Remember Cramer’s maxim: A company that just raised guidance a month ago isn’t going to cut guidance now. You don’t go from projecting sales way above what is expected to tamping down expectations overnight. Especially when you’re a company like Akamai with no good reason to cut those forecasts.

Cramer also likes this company because it’s a play on bandwidth scarcity, one of his favorite trends, because its technology lets you stream video over the web using less bandwidth.

Bottom Line: Stop screwing around with brackets, and put your money into something that can actually pay off, put it in Akamai.

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