It's Time for the Lightning Round!

RPM International: "Back up the truck for RPM ... one of the great long-term performers."

Bausch & Lomb: "I think Bausch & Lomb, as long as it's run by Ron Zarella, is a nightmare." Sell! Sell! Sell!

Six Flags: "I have to tell you that you should buy Six Flags in the spring ahead of the summer season."

General Maritime: "I have not been a fan of the tanker stocks, but the one guy I trust is [GenMar CEO] Georgiopoulos ... We gotta go with him ... GenMar is the only tanker play."

Cadbury Schwepp: Cramer's not willing to recommend this stock either way right now, though he likes the dividend. He promises to devote a segment to the company before he heads to the McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas on March 20.

Halliburton: Beth in Alaska said she'd received an offer to buy KBR at $1.08 for every $1 of HAL and wanted to know what to do. Cramer's reply: "Keep your HAL!" Jim's charitable trust owns Halliburton.

Staples: Cramer has recommended this stock at its present levels, but no matter what kind of performance it gives, the prices won't seem to move. But he refuses to abandon it. "It's one of the best-run retailers out there," he said. "I like this stock."

American Home Mortgage: Cramer is wary of the 18% dividend. He calls it a "distinct red flag."

Dell : Sell it, Cramer said, and switch to Hewlett-Packard. Jim's charitable trust owns Hewlett-Packard.

Iconix Brand: "This one scares me it's got so much momentum." Cramer said don't buy for that very reason.

Under Armour: "I like Under Armour so much that I have to contain myself."

Gmarket: Cramer admits he was too bullish on this stock. Technically, he said to sell at $25, but he didn't say to get out of it. he hopes it goes up so people have a chance to dump and run.

Charter Communications: "I'm sticking by Charter. I really like this stock."

Graco: Cramer says to take advantage of it being down. Buy some if you don't own it. Stick with it if you do.

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