Mad Mail

Dear Jim,
My husband is an investment Neanderthal. I do all the research and trading on all of our accounts. Recently he asked me what "speculative" stocks he was invested in. I was shocked and puzzled until I heard him call the dog for their walk with "Are you ready, skeedaddy?” Apparently he's been watching your 6 p.m. show before I get home from work. Thank you for waking up the caveman. I got Dynegy (DYN) after you mentioned this in October. For me, it's up nearly 60%. Should I take the profits or be a pig? --Alice

Cramer says: "This is a very tough one for me ... Bruce Williamson, who runs Dynegy, is one of the best CEOs in the country. I have been behind this for a long time ... The stock ran all the way up to $8.81, but you know what? Alice, I think it's going to 10 bucks. You want to take a little off the table ... I understand that. But if you're asking me where I think Dynegy is going, the answer is higher."

In spite of the fact we have read all three books (Addict was the best), my wife wants to pick up some Jet Blue to take advantage of recent negative publicity. I have tried to explain that it is high treason in Cramerica to use the words "airline" and "buy" in the same sentence. Could you, Jim "Moses" Cramer, remind everyone that one of the Cramer Commandments is "Thou shall not buy an airline"? A booming voice and burning bush a la Ten Commandments would be a nice touch. --Robert

Cramer says: "If I had to buy an airline, I'd buy UAUA, United Airlines. You don't have to buy an airline, but UAUA's cheap. JetBlue, I've been looking at it. My friend ... thinks that JetBlue is going to make a turn here on the hospitality case. So as a speculative stock, you can own an airline, but not as an investment."

Dear Jim,
Now that we're in a "new" market, what are your latest thoughts about some of your favorite foreign stocks: Toyota Motors, Diageo, Bank of Nova Scotia … and CVRD? The world seems to be on sale … Is this a good time to buy? Thanks for turning a reversal of fortune into an education. --Barbara

Cramer says: "RIO has come right back. Toyota Motor has come right back. Diageo is still too low. I would buy more of that ... Bank of Nova Scotia, that was one of the most beautiful quarters I've seen, and that stock hasn't even had a dent. I like all four. I would buy all four."

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