Moneymaker All In On For Trading With The Stars

Chris Moneymaker is the 2003 World Series of Poker Champion--and with a last name like he has, you have to believe he's a natural for our Trading With The Stars portion of the CNBC Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge.

Chris's show is "Squawk on the Street," and this morning, he talked with Erin Burnett from Memphis, Tennessee about his stock picks. He hasn't officially traded for these stocks but he says he likes Playboy (improved earnings-Chris does have a business relationship with them) Apple ( the new iPOD) and Target (every time we need something my wife says go to Target, Chris explained). His philosophy is pretty simple--take some chances and go real short (Chris has a masters in accounting). He says he used to some stock trading in the past--when he had more time.

Remember--each show will have a celeb ("Morning Call" and "Closing Bell" have two each) trading for bragging rights and a good cause. The best performing portfolio using CNBC "bucks" at the end of nine weeks wins a very real $50,000 for his or her favorite charity. Each of our participating celebrities will receive $5,000 towards their favorite charity --just for playing.

His charity is Wounded Warriors(same as Johnny Bench). Good for them.

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