Cromwell Building An Ethical Portfolio

James Cromwell has been nominated for three Emmys and one supporting actor Oscar--for his role in "Babe." He also played Prince Phillip in one of this year's Oscar winners, "The Queen." He currently stars in Fox's "24." And he's going to be in the upcoming "Spider Man 3."

So is he ready for "Trading With The Stars?" He says so. He's the celeb for "Power Lunch." But on the show today he said he'll be looking to keep his own philosophy by building an ethical portfolio. James says he's looking for green stocks--no military or tobacco investments for him. So what does he like: GOLD! (he and the aptly named celeb Judy Gold who's the trader for "Morning Call" have the same idea).

Stocks he's thinking about are Freeport McMoran and Phelps Dodge . He says the contest more or less goes against his buy and hold philosophy--but he'll do his best (at the urging of PL host Bill Griffeth). Remember--the CNBC shows are competing against each other.

Cromwell's charity is the Screen Actors Guild Foundation. The foundation offers substantive services to Guild members while strengthening their relationship with the community at large.

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