Mad Mail

Dear Jim,

Would you recommend buying the new MO-W shares instead of the regular Altria (MO) shares? Will these shares eliminate concerns about Kraft's fundies and post-spinoff dynamics, or would it be better to buy the regular MO shares? --Butch

Cramer says: "I want to buy the regular Altria shares." But he cautions not to do anything just yet. "This is a very important issue ... I'm going to spend some time on it."

Hello Jim,

You have been very positive about Celgene (CELG) on multiple programs in the last month. With a PE in the 280 range and, according to earnings estimates for 2007 and 2008, a growth rate of 71% makes the PEG rate about 3.9. My husband had owned CELG for about three years, but a couple of months ago I reviewed his stocks and was astounded at the PEG, so we sold it. Please explain your rationale for your positive assessment of the stock, as I am wondering if we should consider buying it back now that it is down a bit from its highs. --Kathy

Cramer says: "I know this is antithetical to what most people think, but when you're doing a biotech stock that doesn't really have near-term earnings as much as it's going to have later years ... you actually look further out. I say that the PEG rate on 2010 is very cheap. I know that seems speculative, but so far I've been right on Celgene . I think you should buy it back."

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