Fast Money Madness: AT&T vs. Yahoo


See The "Fast Money Madness" Brackets From TV

Get ready for Fast Money madness! As the NCAA tournament heats up, we're pairing off the most-talked about 64 companies on the street. Here are the rules.

From tech to healthcare, financials to industrials we here at Fast Money seeded the stocks based on Wall Street analyst opinion. The higher the opinion, the higher the seeding.

The fast money five will determine the winners through heated debate, bracket by bracket. We'll battle through the elite eight and the final four - And end up with a national champion -- the best stock, decided upon by our guys.

The first region to battle it out is ... Tech and Telecom.

We start in the tech and telecom region with the games being played in tech hotbed San Francisco. Some of the marquee match-ups include:

The Florida Gators of the tourney - No. 1 seed Google (GOOG) is locking horns with an unloved, fallen powerhouse, #16 (AMZN). Coach Bezos' job may be on the line.

In one of the most heated battles of the first round #5 seed AT&T (T) takes on the company it is reportedly severing an internet-service partnership with, #12 seed Yahoo (YHOO). If Yahoo can pull it off, a possible sweet 16 match-up with Google(GOOG) lies ahead.

Young and upcoming Memc Electronic Materials (WRF), The Washington State of our tourney takes on crafty internet veteran eBay (EBAY) in a #3 – #14 match-up. Note eBay's Meg Whitman is one of only 2 female coaches in our tourney, along with Pepsi's Indra Nooyi

And if you thought UNC's Roy Williams and Duke's Mike Krysweiski had a rivalry – you should note that if Bill Gates' Microsoft's (MSFT) squad can fend off Cisco (CSCO) in the first round, Gates will likely meet his archrival Steve Jobs in the second round.

It's all part of Fast Money Madness.

Dylan Ratigan says the feature match-up today is AT&T (T) (5) vs. YAHOO (YHOO) (12)

Eric Bolling likes AT&T. He says now that they’ve bought Cingular, everyone one of those retail outlets has an AT&T logo on it. It’s great branding.

Guy Adami says Bank of America and Goldman came out positive on Yahoo. The two companies report on April 17th and Panama is going to push them over the edge. He likes Yahoo.

Jeff Macke says Yahoo was fleecing AT&T. The contract is going to be re-negotiated and Yahoo loses some money. But AT&T is wildy over-rated. Yahoo is a strong story and they’re taking AT&T down.

Tim Strazzini says he’s long Yahoo. He likes the AT&T story, but Yahoo has too big a platform and they’re going to “smoke ‘em.”

Dylan Ratigan says.... The winner is Yahoo in an upset and knocks AT&T out of the tournament.

And....At a ceremony earlier today, results of “Fast Money Madness” were announced by two big movie stars who opened a gold envelope presented to them by the accounting firm of Price Waterhouse. Not really, but the guys did reach their decision on these other match-ups. The winners in bold.

Google (1) vs. Amazon (16)

EMC (8) vs. Applied Materials (9)

ADP (4) vs. Verizon (13)

Corning (6) vs. Disney (11)

MEMC Electronic Materials (3) vs. eBay (14)

Cisco (7) vs. Microsoft (10)

Apple (2) vs. Intel (15)

*The teams were seeded using analyst ranking data from the Wall Street blog

See The "Fast Money Madness" Brackets From TV


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