To Win Contest--Analyst Says Think "Small"

Where does a professional say you should put your contest money? The one answer is small caps. That's according to Scott Billeadeau who is managing director at Fifth Third Asset Management. Scott was on "Squawk on the Street."

He pointed out that the small cap index is up .2% this year. No other big cap index can boast such a return at this point. Scott says to find a small calp that is poised for a rise in the second quarter. He says look at communication related stocks and some software names.

Scott says small caps are a risk--but in a contest like this, risk is part of the game.

Host Erin Burnett hopes Chris Moneymaker is listening--he's she show's celeb player.

What should you avoid? Scott says to stay away from consumer staples which he says would have slow growth and avoid the energy service area.

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