The Billionaire Next Door

Berkshire Hathaway shareholders gathered in Omaha, Nebraska for the company's annual meeting and as usual came away with their money's worth.

Buffett loyalists need not worry about Chairman Warren Buffett retiring in a hurry. He once again reminded them that "I love my job". He did, however, say that he might hire up to four CIOs to replace him when he does step down. (He is actively seeking a successor -- if that is possible?)

Buffett also said the company would consider a mega-acquisition if it made sense.

In the past year, Buffett slipped to third on the world's richest list, according to Forbes. but he achieved distinction as a philanthropist during that time. Last fall, he pledge most of his fortune to charity.

Shortly after that pledge in the form of Berkshire Hathaway stock -- the bulk of it earmarked for the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation -- Buffett sat down with with CNBC's Liz Claman for a wide-ranging, exclusive interview.

In part one, Buffett discusses his business ehtics, options backdating and Berkshire Hathaway's acquisition of Israeli company, Iscar.

In part two, Buffet tells us why he loves the Geico insurance unit so much and what he sees in store for the newspaper business.

And lastly, in part three, Buffett talks about why he thinks dividend and estate taxes should remain in place, why he gave so much to the Gates Foundation and who will fill his shoes after he's gone.

For many investors, Warren Buffett needs no introduction, but CNBC was able to get unparalleled access to the man and his empire.

The result was an hour long CNBC special report, Warren Buffett: The Billionaire Next Door.

In part one of our selected excerpts, Buffett takes CNBC's Liz Claman on a tour of one of his furniture companies, and he shares some of his wisdom on the success of this particular investment along the walk.

In part two, Buffett talks about his investment philosophy and how he decides what companies to buy -- you'll be surprised by his uncoventional, yet dead-on, intuitive business judgement.

And finally, in part three, Buffett and Claman talk shop in Borsheim's Fine Jewelry - another Berkshire Hathaway company (the very jewelry store he purchased his wife's engagement ring.