Current Leaderboard Rankings

Here's a look at today's leaderboard. The top 10 players make it to the finals - weekly winners not included - they're already in the finals!

1. Chad Mazeika Illinois
2. Scott Wrynn
3. Ken Guillory Texas
4. Beth Ladd Tennessee
5. Greg Rosenfeld North Carolina
6. Donald Tang New York
7. Kyle Trapp Ohio
8. Domenico Vica New York
9. Case Bell Kansas
10. David Topham Kansas
11. Christopher H New Mexico
12. Marty Daly Indiana
13. Shyler Engel Michigan
14. James Meisner
15. Dennis Mantel Ohio
16. Wayne William Wisconsin
17. Jason Kaplan
18. Naren Erry Texas
19. Scott Kessler
20. Brian Vander California
21. Garry Mcnamee New York
22. Michael Swime Texas
23. Michael Hart
24. Kris Rene New York
25. Mark Tanji

Current contest registrations: as of 3/14/07: 311,603

Interesting note: We don't know where everyone lives yet, but from the list above, the state of New York has the most representation with 4. It's followed by Texas at 3, Kansas and Ohio with 2 each and California, New Mexico, Tennessee, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, North Carolina and Wisconsin with one each.

Any thoughts on which state will produce the most finalists? And why?

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