Celeb Tucker Holds Lead But Other Stars Heating Up!!

Okay--here's our current celebrity standings as of the market close on Thursday, 3/15. Overall their approach is still a lot more conservative than the majority of our non-celeb leaders - more stable companies and purchases spread across multiple stocks, and it might end up being a race to see who can lose the least. But that's probably to be expected as most of our stars admit to being a little lost when it comes to stock picking.

#1 Jonathan Tucker's portfolio is valued at $1,018,325 with a decline of $3,335 from Thursday's total of $1,021,660.
-Armor Holdings
-Seabridge Gold is now his best trade to date gaining $9,800 since he purchased it on 3/13.
-Flamel Tech has been part of some of the non-celeb leader portfolios
-Goldman Sachs
-Sears Holding added 3/15
-Schlumberger added 3/15

#2 Judy Gold's portfolio is valued at $1,002,470, good for second place.
-Newmont Mining is now her best trade, buying 2000 shares at $41.42 and it closed today at $42.14 for a gain of $1,440
-Silver Standard Resources added 3/15

#3 Chris Moneymaker's portfolio turned positive today with a value of $1,002,025
-Marvel-Chris narrowed his loss on Marvel from $150 to a loss of $70
-Apple-his Apple trade has now turned negative, buying at $89.87, and it closed today at $89.57, for a loss of $300

**Note--he is the first celeb to answer Bonus Trivia getting the video question for $2,000, and they are keeping him above $1M, his best trade.

3-Way Tie for 4th Place:

#4 Stephen Collins continues to dig himself out of sub-million territory gaining $4,351.32 from yesterday to end the day at $996,687.56:
-Barr Pharma
-Kinross Gold is now Stephen's best trade, buying it on 3/13 at $12.64, and it closed on 3/15 at $12.97 for a gain of $2,782.56.

#5 James Cromwell also continues to dig himself out of sub-million territory gaining $10,510 to end the day at $994,231.01.
-Bank of America
-Countrywide Financial
-Valeant Pharma

#6 Willie Garson picks up the pace gaining $5,208.98 to end the day at $979,272.80.
-Randgold Resources
-Rite Aid
-Take Two Interactive
-CVS added 3/15
-Kroger added 3/15
-Zumiez added 3/15

#7 Johnny Bench also digs his way out of sub-million territory gaining $20,537.76 (the largest dollar gain of the stars) to end the day at $956,146.47.
-American Oriental Bioengineering -- his worst trade and the majority of his loss, he bought 20,000 shares on 3/12 at 11.5, and it closed on 3/15 at 9.48 for a loss of $40,400.
-Bruker BioSciences
-Elan Corp
-Fifth Third Bancorp
-Oneok Partners
-Gol Linhas Aereas
-Magellan Midstream was Johnny's best trade, gaining $3,300, when he bought at $43.85 and it closed at $44.51 Thursday.

#8 Chris Gardner has joined the party on 3/15 spending $501,240 on 4 stocks, but his value will remain $1M until Friday's close:
-Whole Foods
-Freddie Mac

#9 And Lawrence O'Donnell also joined the party after 4 pm on 3/15 so his trade will go in with a 3/16 date, and he will see a gain as of Monday's close. His portfolio is still valued at $1M
He has a pending order for 5,000 shares of Rollins which closed Thursday at $22.82 per share.

Ernie Hudson has a portfolio value of $1m--as he has not recorded any trades. The rankings above are based on trades.

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