Red and Blue: The T-Shirt Barometer

When Kerry lost to Bush in '04, people around here were calling for secession. A quickie divorce. Anyone else remember the t-shirt? It showed a map of North America with Blue states realigned in liberal bliss with Canada and aptly called "The United States of Canada." Down south, all the Red states were called Bible Land.

Those were some snarky, awkward days. In Manhattan, the Bluest 24-square-miles in the country, if you said something nice about the President you'd get smashed in the jaw.

But I think something's happening. I sense it in the air. The spring thaw is coming. Blue states and Red states are finally starting to hold hands again.

Here's what I mean:


I'm walking down Lexington Avenue on the Upper East Side, and I look in the window of an Equinox Gym - and right there in the vortex of all things upscale and trendy, they've got t-shirts for sale with JASPER, GEORGIA and BOONE, NORTH CAROLINA printed on them.

I read a big message in that. The t-shirt barometer is indicating peace. When the haut monde of New York's Upper East Side start embracing country-boy chic - Red and Blue are coming together again. And I say that's a good thing.

I might event drink a P.B.R. tonight.


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