Contestants: Please Read On Market Cap

Dear Valued Player:

In the rules for the Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge it is stated that any stocks with a market cap below $500,000,000 after the market close on 3/2/07 would not be eligible for trading in the contest. Because of an error in processing, ten companies were considered eligible for the contest despite being slightly below this market cap floor.

These stocks listed below will continue to be considered eligible for trading throughout the contest. Please note that any companies whose market cap started at or above $500,000,000 but has subsequently dropped below that threshold will still remain eligible for trading as well.

AZK 493.7548 (cap value in millions)
COGO 485.6233
AFCE 472.5821
NETL 481.9531
BQI 493.8183
GIFI 375.158
IMH 453.4606
SPTN 479.1107
WNC 491.0532
AFFY 486.6919

The above text is going out in an email to all contestants. There is no need to reply to the email.

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