Trading With Stars: Bench Looking For Better Average

How are the celebs doing with the "Trading With The Stars" portion of our portfolio challenge? Well, as you can see from the numbers below, it would be hard to recommend their strategy to non-celeb contestants. Conservative (and we don't mean politics) seems to be the watch word.

Johnny Bench--who is 'batting' last in the line-up was on "Squawk Box" this morning to talk about his woes. He's looking for some help-while as he said, "sounding like Cramer" when it comes to the one stock he had American Oriental Bioengineering --that failed him miserably!!

Here are the standings as of last Friday--with portfolio values and shows the celebs are playing for:
1. Jonathan Tucker $1,021,220.00 "Street Signs"
2. Judy Gold $1,003,330.00 "Morning Call" (first hour)
3. Chris Moneymaker $1,000,950.00 "Squawk On The Street"
4. Ernie Hudson $1,000,000.00 "Closing Bell" (first hour)
5. Lawrence O'Donnell $1,000,000.00 "Kudlow"
6. Christopher Gardner $999,640.00 "Closing Bell" (second hour)
7. Stephen Collins $996,336.52 "Morning Call" (second hour)
8. James Cromwell $993,173.31 "Power Lunch"
9. Willie Garson $979,134.72 "On The Money"
10. Johnny Bench $954,719.97 "Squawk Box"

Note: Ernie Hudson and Lawrence O'Donnell have YET to record any trades recorded. (At this rate they could win!!)

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