Celeb Tucker: Still Leader Of The Pack

How are the celebs doing in "Trading With The Stars" you ask? Well, after Monday's action, Jonathan Tucker increased his portfolio value by $9,480 and stays in 1st place. Chris Moneymaker takes the #2 spot while Judy Gold drops 2 places to number 4. Meanwhile, Johnny Bench continues his stay in last place (sorry Johnny). All the stars are trading now, so it's real race for trading.

Here are the stars, their portfolio value and the shows they are playing for:

1. Jonathan Tucker $1,030,700.00 (Street Signs)
2. Chris Moneymaker $1,016,305.00 (Squawk on the Street)
3. Stephen Collins $1,010,403.20 (Morning Call-2nd hour)
4. Judy Gold $1,007,460.00 (Morning Call-1st hour)
5. James Cromwell $1,005,554.51 (Power Lunch)
6. Chris Gardner $1,003,680.00 (Closing Bell-2nd hour)
7. Lawrence O'Donnell $1,002,000.00 (Kudlow)
8. Willie Garson $985,184.72 (On The Money)
9. Ernie Hudson $975,547.67 (Closing Bell-1st hour)
10. Johnny Bench $957,817.46 (Squawk Box)

Some interesting notes: Ernie Hudson likes FMT as many non-celebs do. Lawrence O'Donnell went all in on Rollins Inc, which provides pest and termite control services to both residential and commercial customers in North America.

Jonathan bought NYX, KGC, ADM, RIO and SLAB on Friday.

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