Celeb Moneymaker: Next Time We'll Be In First!

Celeb and professional poker champion Chris Moneymaker is making some very strong statements. More like challenges, really. "Next time I'm on the show, we'll be in first place." That was Chris during his live interview today from Memphis, Tennessee on "Squawk on the Street." He may be right--he's now in 2nd place in our "Trading With The Stars" competition. Let's see if the other celebs take up the gauntlet..(Judy Gold are you there?)

Chris talked about his portfolio--he likes Marvel and Apple. As for Marvel, Chris says he's going to hold on to it because of the soon to be released film "Spiderman 3." He expects that to be a huge hit. And Apple? Chris says he's not sure how long he'll keep it, but for now he will.

Chris did say he bought Arbitron from watching CNBC (take note celebs and non-celeb players!). He also bought Comtech Group.


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