Higher Travel Costs Mean Shorter Trips


Vacationers are cutting their trips short due to rising travel costs, according Travelocity. The average spring break this year will last 4.9 days. It is the first time in six years of tracking bookings that spring break trips are less than five days.

Tom Parsons, founder and CEO of Bestfares.com and Mike Pina, manager of public affairs at AAA joined Liz Claman today on Morning Call to discuss the latest vacation inflation and what you can do about it.

Parsons says that changing the days you travel can help save money and believes that the higher fares represent a simple supply and demand problem.

“When traveling during peak season, you’ll need your checkbook," said Parsons. He also suggests buying tickets for the holidays now, to avoid paying a hefty price later.

“The best deals right now are Caribbean cruises”, says AAA’s Pina. He reports that AAA’s summer season booking are up 8% so far.

“Higher airfare and hotel costs are not stopping people from booking spring vacations," said Pina.

According to Travelocity’s study, the average 4.9-day spring vacation is down almost 7% from last year and nearly 17% from 2002.