CNBC Hosts Root For Celebs--Really!

Stephen Collins
Stephen Collins

Who says the CNBC show hosts aren't really into the "Trading With The Stars" part of the Million Dollar Challenge? Okay--I haven't heard anything like that yet, but I'm prepared if I do.

But--yes, the show hosts are rooting for their celebs, if Michelle Caruso-Cabrera and Liz Claman are any indication. Remember, each celeb is assigned to a CNBC-TV show to win not only for themselves--but for the show as well.

Here's Michelle and Liz talking about Stephen Collins and his recent improvement on the leaderboard. Stephen is the celeb for "Morning Call's" 2nd hour. Judy Gold is "Morning Call's" celeb for the first hour of the program. So--do the hosts have dual loyalties??

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