Fast Money Madness: Disney vs. Apple


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It's time for more Fast Money Madness! As the NCAA tournament marches on, we're pairing off the most-talked about 64 companies on the street. The guys will determine the winners through debate, and end up with a national champion -- Fast Money's favorite stock.

The competition continues in tech & telecom – and only the strongest will survive.

The first match up ... The Mouse House, Disney (DIS), vs. tech-trendsetter Apple(AAPL).

This year's George Mason, 11th seeded Disney, proves content is king by upsetting Corning (GLW) in the first round and then sending MEMC Electronics (WFR) back to Massachusetts which had been struggling since mid-February.

The #2 seeded Apple is constantly coming up with new ways to win. It out-smarted Intel (INTC) in round one and unplugged #7 seeded Cisco (CSCO) to get to the sweet sixteen.

Jeff Macke says it's all Disney and iTV is nothing without companies like Disney because content is king. And the theme parks will drive Disney over the next 12 months.

Guy says he likes both – but Disney has room up to 40.

Tim Strazzini says Apple has more upside and Disney is going back in a trough.

Eric Bolling says he hears a lot of "I's" in the conversation and that’s Apple.

In a tie Dylan Ratigan decides and he goes with Apple because they have the Mojo.

Onto the next big match up of the night - # 8-seed EMC Corp. (EMC) versus #12 seed Yahoo (YHOO).

EMC's journey in the dance began by taking down Applied Materials (AMAT) in the first round, then, in a major upset, stunned GOOGLE (GOOG) in the second for a spot in the 16.

Meanwhile, search giant YAHOO (YHOO) is cutting service off to two telecoms AT&T (T) in round one and Verizon (VZ) in round two.

Eric Bolling says it’s a Cinderella-story and he’s staying with EMC.

Jeff Macke says without EMC companies like Yahoo! wouldn’t exist.

Tim Strazzini says he likes Yahoo! over the next 12 months, because the company has a great platform.

Guy Adami says April earnings for Yahoo! will be huge.

Again, a tie and Dylan decides. He says EMC advances because the content is nothing without a click-able base.


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*The teams were seeded using analyst ranking data from the Wall Street blog