Mad Mail


Great show on Monday. You mentioned a sign of the top is when a company starts overexpanding, sometimes in the form of an acquisition. I own Google and am unsure whether to increase my position or to hold. Is Google's YouTube acquisition a sign of overexpansion? Did we miss this sign when Google was at $500/share? --Ed

Cramer says: “No … we were saying the stock would bottom at $440 … as it became clear the company was worth too much. I think the YouTube acquisition was brilliant. The problem is that Viacom and others have taken Google to the cleaners. If it weren’t for the lawsuit, GOOG would probably be up around $470 or $480 right now.”

Cramer, you sexy stud!

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the Nastech Pharmaceutical recommendation from last week. I have a 12-year-old sister who has autism, and it was nice to hear you bring attention to a company that is trying to help. Any other ideas for companies related to autism? --Nicole

Cramer says: Unfortunately there aren’t any other companies really working with autism right now. “I like Nastech because at least they’re trying. Stick with it; it’s at $10, I think it goes higher.”

Booyah Jim,

Love the books. You've got me interested in investing again. My in-laws bought some Wendy's stock for my kids a few years ago. We now have a mix of Wendy's and Tim Hortons. Wendy's looks like a real loser, but is Tim’s just as bad? Should I hang onto it a while or send Tim down the road with Wendy? Congrats on the two-year anniversary. --Lance

Cramer says: “I would sell them both. I like McDonald’s and Chipotle better. Never forget that Wendy’s drove Baja Fresh - which could have been every bit as good as Chipotle - right into the ground.”

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