It's Time for the Lightning Round!

KB Home : “KBH is a struggle,” Cramer says. But without definitive Fed relief, it’s going to go $45-$50 because other housing companies haven’t taken the bait and bought it. Cramer believes it could be for sale, and it’s the only one of the home builders that he is recommending.

Walter Industries : Cramer has been recommending Walter all along. “I think it’s a cheap conglomerate play that has a housing component,” he says.

Harley-Davidson : Have faith in HOG. “It’s still one of the great American brands.” Their inventory numbers made Cramer a little nervous, but, at $61, they have taken a lot of the risk out of it. Cramer says go ahead and pull the trigger.

Sourcefire : “I have grown a little more cautious about that IPO market.” Cramer says he’ll come back to the IPO market when he thinks that they are going to close the spigot and stop producing companies that are too expensive.

Lundin Mining : “The minerals will come back when the Fed starts cutting,” Cramer says. He advises to buy more Lundin, which he likes for their zinc and copper. He believes LMC is the most undervalued player in the business.

FuelCell Energy : Just recently, Cramer did an entire segment on alternative energy plays. His conclusion: There is only one to own, and it’s First Solar. “I don’t want you in FuelCell, I want you in First Solar – you won’t regret it.”

Occidental Petroleum : “Loser!” Cramer used to like this stock, but now it’s a second-rank company. Get out of Occidental and go to XTO Energy , he says. And if you need an oil driller, buy Transocean .

Jim's charitable trust owns Transocean.