Street Fight: Herb Greenberg Slams Six Flags...


Got a bone to pick with the guys? Well, Herb Greenberg does. Hope they’re hungry, too because he’s serving knuckle sandwiches. Forget Ali vs. Frasier or even Rosie vs. The Donald - those were just skirmishes. What follows is a “Street Fight.

Round #1: Last Thursday Guy Adami said he liked Six Flags (SIX) because it was a turnaround story.

Herb Greenberg lashed out at Guy saying the company’s earnings were no turnaround story. It costs a lot of money to run a theme park and according to Herb, Six Flags debt is not going down, but cash flow is.

Guy isn’t going to take that kind of abuse. He says forget last year, Six Flags is all about ’07. Guy is sticking with this bet and thinks the stock is worth $10 or $11.

Dylan rules in favor of Guy Adami.

Round #2: On February 27th Karen Finerman told The Fast Money audience that she loved Home Depot (HD).

Herb Greenberg is enough of a man that can fight with a woman and wails that there’s a mortgage mess. This is definitely not fast money.

Karen knows her way around a ring and comes back swinging – and saying - if she followed Herb’s rationale she’d be buying home builders when things were great. Investors should buy home builders when the sentiment is against them. Karen recommends buying HD right now at 14 times earnings because sentiment is terrible.

Dylan rules in Karen’s favor.

Round #3: Jeff Macke reminds the panel that for, Herb wrote “For those hoping for a sale of Take-Two (TTWO) at these levels, just remember, there were not enough buyers during the last round of takeover rumors when the stock was $14. The whole thing is wacky and smells more like a last-ditch effort to squeeze out the remaining shorts rather than see something meaningful happen.”

Jeff asks why would they care about the shorts?

Herb swings back and shouts there are no buyers for this company! This company won’t make any money this year.

Dylan rules in Herb’s favor.

Round #4: Eric Bolling asks if Herb has a stock for the panel.

Herb takes the offensive with Metabolix (MBLX), what he calls the most unheard of, greenplay out there. He explains that it’s an emerging bio-tech company that’s highly speculative, but very interesting.

Eric Bolling says I don’t know dude. The stock is down 1% over the last 3 months.

Dylan Ratigan says it’s an absurd play. Herb takes one final swing – I think this is fixed!

Now where’s that ice pack?


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On MAR 21, 2007, the following stocks and commodities mentioned or intended to be mentioned on CNBC’s Fast Money were owned by the Fast Money tradersBolling Owns Soybeans, Gold, Silver, Is Short Corn Finerman's Firm And Finerman Own (HD), (WMT), (ABN), (BAC), (C), (MO), (NYX) On 2/27/07 Finerman's Firm And Finerman Owned (HD), Najarian Owns (MS), (C), (BAC), (XLF)