Latest Stock Update-Most Active And Best Returns

Here's a look at what stocks were active, good and bad, on Wednesday's close. FMT remains popular with contestants--with apparent good reason, as you can see on the return percentage listings. The subprime "crisis" real or not-may be effecting buys. CMGI, REV and SIRI remain among the most active and widely held. FYI-the current number of registered contestants is 394,948, as of this morning.

Most Active
Symbol Volume
CMGI 455,671,457
REV 362,732,215
FMT 253,940,894
GTW 246,260,128
CNXT 202,540,522
SIRI 142,927,865
TOA 132,631,719
SMRT 112,104,839
KRY 110,731,043
CHRS 107,571,495

Widely Held Stocks
Symbol Total Number of Shares
CMGI 2,073,822,866
REV 1,691,363,402
SIRI 1,175,994,632
CNXT 1,104,970,654
GTW 708,633,354
KRY 698,612,088

Stock Buys With More % Return
Symbol Percent
BQI 16.6102
FMT 16.0592
GSIC 14.7416
AAI 9.9602
SMRT 9.4193

Stock Buys With Less % Return
Symbol Percent
AIR -8.8964
CTAS -8.2202
TELN -6.0606
CHRS -4.4813
GPCB -3.9617

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