Several states want to ban use of a BlackBerry while driving. What do you think?

"All states should mandate hands-free communication devices in autos. New autos should have mandatory hands-free communication device hook-ups built in via audio system.Just like air bags and third rear light. I cannot imagine why this is even open for discussion. Many countries in Europe already have this as standard equipment. They also pioneered auto headlights on when engine is turned on…enabling drivers to see oncoming traffic better no matter what the weather. Stop road terrorism with hand-held cell chat." -- Christian G., New York

"Utterly absurd. Can't regulate every single thing in the car. How do you define "using" in court? -- Ed M., California

"The states are too far behind on this issue. All wireless distractions need to be banned while driving and stiff penalties need to be in place for those that cause accidents while "distracted". I'm tired of being cut-off and then seeing that very person on the phone." -- Mark G., Arizona

"Unfortunately, you can't legislate common sense, nor can you ticket stupidity. But this is a welcome start!" -- Steve M., Pennsylvania


"Yes, please do! And along with it: Eating, drinking, shaving, dressing/undressing, and anything not related to the act of driving. It's frightening how bad the roads have become - too bad the higher gas prices haven't kept the morons off the road!!" -- Mike, New York

"The banning of Blackberry's as well as cellphones should be done nationwide in the interest of safety by the DOT." -- Don K.

"I agree. I believe that cell phone use should also be eliminated while driving." -- Brian M., Montana

"Why bother with legislation when ‘Inattentive Driving’ is already illegal in most states. Just another example of too many new laws. They need to enforce the laws that are already in the books." -- Marcus P.

"In January 2008 it will be illegal to drive in the state of California while on your cell phone. Using your BlackBerry while driving should be no different." -- David, California

"I think they should be banned. I have been in the car with drivers using Blackberries and scared to death with multiple close calls as we came up on stopped traffic. I have also passed drivers using them and their cell phone at the same time as they crawl along in the fast lane. Put down the text devices, hang up the phone and drive. The rest of us will have fewer gray hairs." -- Mark O., California

"Unfortunately, some people are not able to use technology in a responsible way. Anyone who thinks that they can text and drive at the same time needs to have their head examined. Texting while driving is an incredible distraction for the driver. The only possible impact of texting while driving is a very large increase in accidents and decrease in safety. While I would prefer that a law would not be necessary, the threat to the public safety is too great to ignore. I hope all states will address this threat to the public safety and pass laws with very stiff fines ($250 and up) soon." -- Walt Z., Illinois

"Please, yes, people drive bad enough as it is. We must do something to make driving safer for all of us not just a few." -- David S.

More Comments

"People should use common sense at all times, but especially in any situation where the consequences of not using it could be even mildly grave. To be using your Blackberry while traveling at 75 mph on I-35 thru Dallas should result in absolute and certain suspension of your driver’s license. If you are using your Blackberry on a lone west Texas highway while waiting for a train to pass is making good use of your time." -- Lee, Dallas, Texas

"Yes! Yes! Yes! Ban the use of a BlackBerry while driving, along with hand held cell phones. Accidents happen in seconds when driving at today's high rates of speed. It's pure craziness on today's roads, with so called drivers doing everything except paying attention to their driving while remaining in control of their vehicle. It's a shame that innocent people must suffer, because of carelessness drivers. Just sign me, an old fashioned driver with both hands on the wheel." -- Richard S., Georgia

"I would not be impacted by it. As long as I can still read my book, watch a DVD, surf the internet, mess with my radio, check my hair, eat my lunch, drink my coffee and talk on the phone while driving, I won't miss my texting so much." -- Curtis B., Texas

"I think that those who use electronic devices or any type of distraction should be ticketed. I often get behind people using a cell phone who are going 10-15 mph below the speed limit. This proves that cell phones and blackberry's are a driving distraction and should be banned. At the very least the drivers should be in the rightmost lane or ticketed for impeding the normal flow of traffic. Cellphones and other electronic devices (yes satellite navigation) are distracting and at 65 mph reduce the drivers ability to respond to traffic conditions. Heck, I have had cell phoners merge into my lane right next to me, pushing me out of the lane, and I drive a big blue pickup. I just wish there were more cops to see this behavior." -- Barry P., California

"I agree with the ban. I am an avid Blackberry user and I know when driving I am more interested in info than the road." -- Jim B., Illinois

"The only thing you should be doing while driving is driving.There are enough distractions on the road as it is." -- Gerry, Florida

"I think its a good thing. Isn't safety a primary issue while driving? People need to pay attention while driving." -- Scott P., Florida

"Great idea, but why don’t states worry about the existing laws on the books, like driving in the left below the speed limit, talking on cell phones, eating, driving with a pet in your lap, etc. Too many lunatics out there!" -- Chris H., New York

"Yes - I believe all states should ban the use of BlackBerry and cell phones also. Use of sell phones while driving increase you chances of a crash by 400%. I would estimates using a BlackBerry would increase that chance by several thousand percent." -- George J., Maryland

"Absolutely! Yes - It is most dangerous and a cause of increasing number of accidents while driving. I support the ban." -- Shekar G., Washington

"What's the beef with Blackberries? What about iPods, cell phones, and DVD players?" -- Rob E., Ohio