Lightning Round for Thursday, March 22

FedEx : “It is a cautious company, it is a wise company,” Cramer says. Yet FedEx always delivers a great number and then it “just kills you with some sort of commentary.” He still thinks it’s a company worth owning long term since there is no high multiple on its growth rate and it has superior management to anyone else in the business.

USANA Health Sciences : Cramer doesn’t like to recommend shorts on the show. For him, USANA is a “no thanks.”

Bear Sterns : The stock is still down 20 points from its high. "Bear is a great company. It sells at a ridiculously low multiple." Cramer sees it going higher, and he’s all aboard.

Flow International : Cramer thinks this water pump company will go higher.

Cabot Oil & Gas : “This is a really good company.” However, in his extensive research, Cramer has decided that COG just isn’t as good as XTO Energy . He says to ring the register and move into XTO, his favorite in the sector.

Dean Foods : This company did what no one else has ever been able to do, Cramer says, which is brand the ultimate commodity: milk. “I believe that you get long, you get that dividend, and the stock goes right back up. Pull the trigger ahead of the dividend.”

People’s Bank : “I’m very concerned about the regional banks. I think they are a little expensive,” Cramer says. People’s Bank sells at a larger book value than he likes, and a not-so-great yield of 2%. It might be a well-run bank, but Cramer can’t recommend it to buy.

Clearwire : Cramer is telling people to buy more Clearwire. He has tremendous faith in the company’s management. “If they hadn’t priced it so darn high, I think we’d already be making money,” he says. “Stick with it.”

Garmin : “I happen to like the stock, but I’m not paying $55 for it. It's too high.” Cramer urges patience before pulling the trigger.

Empire Resorts: “The stock flew up to $12. Now it’s back off to $9. I say don’t buy.”

Fuel-Tech : Cramer believes in FTEK, which develops technologies for air pollution control, but he can’t get behind a company that sells at a 90 multiple. It’s too rich for him.

SBA Communications : A good stock, Cramer says, but you have to go with Crown Castle , which is best of breed.

Mosaic : “The way you buy a Mosaic is you wait for a big selloff.” Mosaic happens to be Cramer’s favorite fertilizer company. It could go back to $25 in a pullback and only then would he give the go-ahead to pull the trigger.

Applebee’s : “I think it’s going to be put for sale.” Cramer doesn’t particularly like the company and says there’s nothing cooking there. He would rather swap out of APPB and get into Chipotle , which has the highest hospitality quotient of any company he deals with.

Acadia Pharmaceuticals : “If you’re going to roll the dice, go into Nastech Pharmaceuticals . They have a better chance of hitting it out of the park.”