Contest Stocks Update: Most Active And Best Returns

Okay folks, here's a look at the stocks that you are trading and the ones that are paying off--and the one's that aren't. The info is from Thursday's close. Some of the "usual suspects" are still on the lists but COMS seems to be a new player in the most active. PALM is one of the most active, but as you can see--not paying off that well. ARXT is making investors happy. Widely helds are pretty much what they have been lately.

And FYI: Contest registrations to date: 415,962.

Most Active
Symbol Volume
CMGI 1,098,925,733
COMS 400,997,895
REV 340,884,390
FMT 254,275,418
CNXT 227,424,447
EGO 177,617,883
GTW 173,613,461
SIRI 153,479,670
TOA 146,195,119
PALM 137,872,548

Widely Held Stocks
Symbol Total Number of Shares
CMGI 2,687,898,053
REV 1,673,946,813
SIRI 1,182,844,306
CNXT 1,129,140,632
KRY 702,326,529
GTW 664,969,173

Stock Buys With More % Return
Symbol Percent
ARXT 15.2399
CMGI 13.5417
IHS 9.7598
CHTT 8.6207
TSL 8.2162

Stock Buys With Less % Return
Symbol Percent
SCHL -12.5984
MLHR -11.6543
TOA -10.8581
MOD -9.3111
PALM -8.7918

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