Lightning Round for Monday, March 26

Helix Energy Solutions : Cramer reiterates that the “driller of the year” is Transocean . He says swap out of Helix and get into RIG.

Washington Mutual : WaMu has big risk and big reward, Cramer says. And while he is not a believer in the mortgage meltdown, he is a believer in the “mortgage hangnail” which, when picked wrongly, could fester. He recommends Bank of America , a “well-run bank with a good dividend.” It's Cramer’s banking best of breed.

Thermo Fisher Scientific : This company is “the arms merchant of biotech.” Cramer is in favor of this stock.

Western Union : “This company is now on all cylinders … the Mexican business is great,” and Cramer will get behind it.

Best Buy : Cramer has liked this stock since 1998, even though it's been a dog lately -- at least he's consistent. He says hang on to it – the company is facing big competition from Costco (a Mad Money favorite) with big-screen televisions, and it’s heavily into the album music business which is hurting it. But, in the end, he thinks Best Buy “wins it all.”

Northern Orion Resources : Cramer worked on this one over the weekend. He decided that Lundin Mining is a better play, especially at $11 – a buck and a half off its high.

BigBand Networks : This is one of Cramer’s favorite new IPOs. “It has been one of the best performers already, and I think its only going to get better.”

Cisco Systems : Cramer says the analysts that keep taking shots at Cisco are all wrong. “It’s the best networker in the game.” He sees an upside surprise and would recommend buying it heavily.

Jim's charitable trust owns Transocean.