Mad Mail for Monday, March 26

Booyah Jim,

I am a routine viewer of the show and have seen you do the IPO segment many times. Unfortunately, I am a small individual investor and my discount online broker seems to never participate in the major IPOs. How can I get in? --Sebastian

Cramer says:“[This one is] very, very tough. Try to catch on at one of big the non-discount brokers and do some trading… the discount brokers occasionally get allocations, but most of them don’t.”

Since Feb. 20,Quest Diagnostics has gone down. I have done all my homework and have been waiting for a nice target price to get in. Why is the stock continuing to go down? The income statement and balance sheet all look good. Is it time to pull the trigger? --Dan

Cramer says: “I believe that it is way overdone off a price war with Lab and also because UnitedHealth has decided to go with Lab in the East, not Quest … it has a big buyback, its very cheap, I think it’s a bull stock.”

I heard on CNBC that a lot of oil tankers will have to be replaced by 2010 due to regulations. Do you know any tanker builders that will make us some money off of this? --Mike

Cramer says: “We don’t really make these in America … I am not going to recommend these overseas.”

Dear Jim,

With your recent discussion on Halliburton and other oil machinery and equipment plays, why haven't you mentioned Weatherford International? WFT is growing at a substantially higher growth rate than its competitors, mainly HAL, and it seems to be cheaper with its lower PEG and also has a higher gross margin. Jim, am I missing something with this company? --Jonathan

Cramer says: “I looked at this when I was in Texas last week, and I felt it had too much exposure to Canada and I didn’t want to double down on Canada … you are absolutely right about the HAL exposure, so that’s why I decided to go with RIG.”

Jim's charitable trust owns Quest Diagnostics, Halliburton, UnitedHealth and Transocean.