Top Name Repeats on Leaderboard

Good morning. Here are the latest names and numbers from Monday's action. Deborah Taft continues in the lead with a portfolio value of $2,216,726.30. Her biggest portfolio gains continue to be in the ever popular Fremont General (FMT) which she sold out of completely on 3/21. She made $23,062.62 or 1.05% on buying and selling 164,733 shares of Elan Pharma (ELN). She also bought the popular CV Therapeutics going all in on Monday with a buy of 300,000 shares of CVTX at $6.75 hoping to catch it at the bottom after it fell 21.24% Monday on a downgrade by Deutsche Bank.

Ken Guillory is in 2nd Place in the overall leaderboard with a portfolio value of $2,170,494 .10 with only $46,232.20 separating the one and two spots. His winning trades are trades in Fremont (FMT) and CMGI added more than $1,000,000 to his portfolio, and he is now out of both positions. He made the same Elan Pharma trade as Deborah with the same 1.05% gain. On Friday he went all in on Sonus Networks and is still holding the stocks as of the close on Monday, and he has already made 6.85% or $138,939.35 on the trade with Friday's close of 8.03, and Monday's close of $8.58. Contest registrations to date: 452,677.

Here's a look at the top 20 with their portfolio value:

1. Deborah Taft $2,216,726.30
2. Ken Guillory 2,170,494.10
3. Chad Mazeika 2,157,103.18
4. Marty Daly 2,148,534.47
5. Hosein K. Ghasemian 2,047,528.54
6. Barry Chin 2,036,926.33
7. Chris Humphrey 2,023,216.60
8. James Meisner 2,004,478.90
9. Steven Paul 1,966,400.60
10. Anthony Tu 1,939,249.42
11. Harry Moy 1,916,282.35
12. Barry Dressler 1,904,479.52
13. Donald Tang 1,865,030.81
14. Domenico Vicario 1,864,083.39
15. Kerry Bruner 1,860,045.95
16 Joseph Dondero 1,855,161.03
17. Mike Scesa 1,844,418.21
18. Kris Rene 1,838,520.00
19. Jaseon Farhamy 1,832,872.59
20. Salvatore Colonna 1,831,203.86

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