Moneymaker: 2nd Place? Might As Well Be Last


World Champion Poker player Chris Moneymaker is in Monte-Carlo for a poker tournament, but that didn't stop him from talking with CNBC's Erin Burnett and Jim Cramer on "Squawk on the Street" about his contest strategy. Chris is in 3rd place but he said today that "being in second place, you might as well be in last."

Mmmm--not sure about that because Chris is in 3rd place and being in 2nd would be an obvious step up. Maybe Chris is thinking that he should be in 2nd place..and if he was, it would be just as if he was in last place because the idea is to win. (This is getting too complicated. We'll move on).

Chris did say that he has four stocks but will probably cut them down to just a couple when he returns from MC. He talked about his most recent pick- TLVT and why he liked it (small company and stock seems headed for a rise). He also says he still likes Apple . (you can hear Cramer but not see him as he responds to Chris)

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