When Stories Break the Right Way

Here’s a Breaking News Desk curveball that was thrown our way today: NBC’s Pete Williams found out that the Justice Department would fine ITT $100 million dollars for violating technology export laws -- one of the largest such fines ever levied.

Pete is well known for being an NBC team player and would have gladly come on to do the story -- except that he’d been dispatched to the Supreme Court to cover today’s cases.

We could have done it as a quick on-screen blurb, or as an anchor reader, but it would have lost some of its impact. So we quickly got CNBC’s Scott Cohn on the story, and our jack-of-all-reporters handled it in the ideal way: he came on to do the story from the Breaking News Desk, giving Pete Williams full credit for his scoop -- then made a few phone calls, found additional information, and came back on the air to impart that information.

It’s frustrating when we have a great story and can’t give it its due, so it was especially gratifying to have this break in the right way. It’s also great to have the capacity to throw a live stock chart on the air and watch it react as the story is done, which we did.

That makes two days in a row in which all went well here at our stress-filled desk. Payback is undoubtedly just around the corner.

Silly Things Amuse Us

I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes we do stories just because they’re fun. Even when they’re only fun to us.

Aruba Networks made its Wall Street debut and we couldn’t help but notice that the ticker symbol is ARUN. thought this would be of special interest to the producer of Power Lunch, Arun Khosla, who, to my knowledge, never had his first name as a stock ticker symbol before.

This fact also wasn’t lost on Nasdaq reporter Bertha Coombs, who paid both Aruns their due during her first hit on Power Lunch.

Silly? Maybe. Fun? Yup. And somewhere in there, we also got in some news about a well-performing IPO, so I figure all were served well.