Next Gen Content Creation & Music Delivery

There's a rumor going around the web that GE's NBC Universal (GE is the parent company of CNBC) is going to take interactive television to the next level. The idea is that after watching a show like friends you could go onto NBC.comto vote on what should happen in the next show. Another idea that's being blogged about: Characters are introduced in short YouTube-like vignettes and then the highest-rated characters are brought together in one-hour shows. With NBC Universal teaming up with NewsCorpfor a YouTube alternative it wouldn't surprise me if our very own sister company was looking to do something wild and innovative with their content development process.

Napster used to give away free music, and now it's doing it again. Napster has struck a deal to allow AT&T wireless customers to download music for free, do do whatever they want with it (listen, share) for a year. It sounds positively 90's ... which is a bad thing considering that rampant piracy has caused major losses for the music industry. Have things changed that much? We'll see!

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