Lightning Round for Wednesday, March 28

JP Morgan Chase : Cramer likes what Jamie Dimon is doing. He also thinks the company itself is good at $47, but it doesn’t yield 3%. Bank of America yields 4%, and it’s every bit as good as JPMorgan.

Jones Soda : Cramer predicts this stock will pull back. He recommended it at $8, $14 and when it went to $22. “I don’t think it quits … when it goes below $20, buy it.”

Accuray : “I’d like you to stick with Accuray.”

NeuStar : This stock has 23% growth, yet it’s down nine straight points and 6% for the year. Cramer’s going to do some homework before he writes off this one.

Harsco : “I think this is a quintessential, great industrial manufacturing company,” Cramer says. It’s only a dollar off its high – Cramer points out that it has held up because it isn’t that linked to housing.

Lamson & Sessions : “I felt that this company is a natural to be acquired … I think the stock is worth substantially more than where it's selling.” Cramer isn’t worried about earnings and the P/E is very low, so he would continue to buy LMS.

VeriFone : This is a fabulous stock, according to Cramer. “I am surprised that it has come down this much off its high,” he says. “I want to load up the truck with PAY right here.”

Charter Communications : “Do not lose heart,” Cramer says. Charter is good, and Comcast and Time Warner are all stalled right now. He says take advantage of it and buy more Charter. “This is a company that will not go down.”

Valero : While Cramer likes the company, he recommends selling the stock. “I am beginning to think that Valero has had its run.”

Disney : The company is doing well and has superior management compared to Six Flags , Cramer says. The stock pulled back a buck and a half, and he would “pull the trigger on Disney” right here.