Your Questions About Big Box Retail, Brokers & More...


Question #1: Becky from NY asks with Target (TGT) guiding higher on same store sales, should she buy Wal-Mart (WMT) or some of the other super retailers?

Jeff Macke says Wal-Mart is not a retailer he recommends owning because the company’s CEO says he’s not coming to New York and the company is worried about gas prices. Jeff Macke advises Becky to consider buying Federated (FD) which will soon trade as Macy’s (M), but he adds buy the stock on the dip.

Question #2: Eric from Washington says it looks like almost all of the companies in the brokerage space have reached a plateau and he wonders what stocks, if any, show promise?

Guy Adami recommends buying the NYSE (NYX) because the stock on a valuation basis looks compelling. Tim Strazzini says the brokerages tend to have great 3rd and 4th quarters. With so much uncertainty in the markets now, Tim recommends investors hold off on this space until July.

Question #3: Ira from NY says he’s been in the retail gas business for 40 years and he’s looking for some advice on how to hedge unleaded gas futures. He wants to know if any integrated oil companies, such as Exxon (XOM), look attractive?

Eric Bolling explains that when gas prices go down retailers actually make more money because they can drop the price a little more slowly to consumers. But as an investment Eric recommends buying Valero (VLO).


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