It's Time for the Lightning Round!

Genentech: “…Genentech is in the crosshairs of a lot of negative statements they’ve made about themselves. I want to be a believer, but they won’t let me – but I cannot back away from a stock … I still think this one’s worth owning. But remember the pecking order: It’s Gilead first. It’s Celgene second. It’s Genzyme third. They’re all better than [DNA].”

Time Warner: Cramer likes the stock, but he says that there’s too much potential for a price war in the industry, especially with Verizon moving so aggressively into it. Comcast is in the same boat, he says.

Sears Holdings: “Sear Holdings will be a growth stock and be an asset management stock. I am redoubling my efforts to get people in Sears before it goes to $200.”

Devon Energy: “I like Devon very much. Devon’s my favorite of the oils. And I also think if it stays here and soon it doesn’t go up, it will get a takeover bid. But remember I like the drillers more than I like the oils themselves.” Cramer reiterates his love for Transocean and predicts that GlobalSantaFe will get a bid for a takeover in the near future.

ONYX Pharma : “Big pullback after they came up with that incredible cancer drug. I think the pullback is an opportunity. I want to buy ONYX.”

YUM! Brands: “I am concerned.” Cramer thinks it didn’t go down enough after the Taco Bell incident. He thinks this is a sell. Instead, he's a fan of Cheesecake Factory and Chipotle.

Ameritrade: At less than $15, Cramer says this stock is too cheap. He’s bullish on this one.

Brocade: Cramer likes this stock, but with tech suffering an unbearable – no pun intended – bear market, he’s hesitant. He wants to see the results from that Thursday analyst meeting before he makes a move.

Qwest : “Upward and upward some more … I think this company is just part of a major ramp … I’m sticking with Qwest.” Qwest climbed 10 cents today on news it won part of a major telecom contract with the U.S. government along with Verizon and AT&T .

Stride Rite: “The quarter wasn’t that good … you gotta show some growth in the core regular Stride Rite shoes, and they didn’t do it. I think that stock is not going up here.” Sell! Sell! Sell!

NVIDIA: “I am not a fan of graphic chips. It’s too expensive … I’m saying take profits in NVIDIA.”

Gmarket: This is the Korean version of eBay, and while Cramer likes eBay better, he says he’d never back away from it at this level. But he’d definitely sell if it hit $20.

Marvel Tech: “I don’t want to sell it at $16 – there’s too much upside.” But Cramer says he’s wary because the financials with this company are killing its potential.

Kinder Morgan Energy Partners: “You are so in the house of pleasure." Cramer's bullish on this stock.

Jim's charitable trust owns Transocean and Sears Holdings.

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