Celeb Collins Keeps Lead: Re-Arranges Portfolio Big Time!

Actor Stephen Coillins may have to have a trading floor of his own pretty soon. Just get a look below at the buys and sells he made Thursday for "Trading With The Stars." He sure likes to diversify and expand his portfolio. Jonathan Tucker and Chris Moneymaker keep their spots at 2 and 3. There was some movement in the standings as Judy Gold moved up to 4th from 5th--while Ernie Hudson fell from the 4th spot all the way down to 8th. AND Johnny Bench is still in 9th place!! Here's hoping Johnny can keep up the good work. He reached there once before only to fall back into last.

1. Stephen Collins: $1,084567.58 up $9,259.22 + 0.86% and he made 13 buys and 6 sells on Thursday and added $3,000 in bonus bucks.
Sold 1,050 shares of Apple
Sold 672 shares of Toyota Motor
Sold 1,190 shares of Volvo
Sold 310 shares of Precision Castparts Corp
Sold 1,257 shares of Emergency Medical Serv Corp
Sold 1,420 shares of Albermarle
Bought 500 shares of Zimmer Holdings
Bought 90 shares of AT&T
Bought 1,851 shares of RPM International
Bought 685 shares of Ralcorp Holdings
Bought 2,805 shares of Oneok Inc
Bought 580 shares of NRG Energy
Bought 2,590 shares of Mentor Graphics
Bought 200 shares of Kinross Gold
Bought 205 shares of Goldman Sachs
Bought 968 shares of First Marblehead
Bought 1,651 shares of Ennis Corp
Bought 345 shares of American Real Estate Partners
Bought 1,625 shares of Host Hotels & Resorts
Biggest $ gain to date by $ value: Stephen bought 2,000 shares of Imclone at $33.88 on 3/22 and sold on 3/23 at $38.50 for a gain of $9,240 or 13.6%.

What Stephen currently owns:

2. Jonathan Tucker: $1,073,045 up $4,400 +0.41%
Bought 10,000 shares of Motorola at $17.71
Added $3,000 in Bonus Bucks
Biggest trade to date by $ Value: Jonathan bought 2,000 shares of Armor Holdings on 3/13 for $62.96 and at Thursday's close of $67.86 he made $8,860 or 7.78% on this holding

3. Chris Moneymaker: $1,057,327.47 -$4,839.57 -0.46%
No Transactions Thursday
Of his holdings, the following stocks fell today reducing his value: Marvel , Arbitron , Telvent GIT .

4. Judy Gold: $1,017,480.00 down $360 - 0.04%
No Transactions Thursday

5. James Cromwell: $1,012,361.51 up $694.50 + 0.07%
No transactions Thursday
Added $3,000 in bonus bucks

6. Chris Gardner: $1,005,480.00 up $840 + 0.08%
No transactions Thursday

7. Lawrence O'Donnell: $1,000,763 up $473 + 0.05%
No Transactions Thursday

8. Ernie Hudson: $999,216.55 down $20,020 - 1.96%
Sold out of his 26,000 shares of Paychex at a loss, dropping him from 4th to 8th. He had bought at $39.20 and sold out at $38.43 losing 1.96% or $20,020.
Bought 10,000 shares of Red Hat (RHAT) at $23.14 who reported earnings Thursday.
Bought 18,768 shares of Crystallex Intl (KRY) at $3.68
Bought 25,000 shares of CKE Restaurants (CKR) at $19.02
Bought 25,000 shares of Tibco Software (TIBX) at $8.93

9. Johnny Bench: $985,910.54 down $2,917.32 -0.30%
No Transactions Thursday
Of his holdings American Oriental Bioengineering (AOB) was down the most at -3.52%, Elan (ELN) had also fallen -0.66%

10. Willie Garson: $976,085.06 up $4,665.36 +0.48%
Added to his position in Technical Olympics USA Buying 94,073 Shares
Added to his position in Accenture buying 3,000 Shares
Sold 37,500 Shares of Fremont General
Sold 5,000 Shares of Whole Foods
Added $2,000 in Bonus Bucks
Biggest trade to date by $ Value: Willie bought 10,000 shares of Accenture on 3/28 for $37.59 and at Thursday's close of $38.68 he made $10,900 or 2.90% on this holding.
Worst trade to date by $ Value: Willie bought 21,008 shares of China Mobile on 3/20 for $47.08 and sold out on 3/21 at $46.18 losing $18,907.20 on this holding .

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