Your Responses to "If I Win the Million Dollars"

On Thursday, (yesterday) we asked the question, what would you do if you won the $1 million dollars from the contest . Well, we got quite a few replies from all of you. I've posted some here. They cover a wide range, from doing good for others, to doing "good" for oneself. Most seem to want to pay off some bills, take a vacation--or even have one of the top leaderboard names do some work for them!!! Thanks to all you wrote in.

From Al:
If I won the $1,000,000. I would help out a lot of people in need, along with paying off some debt.

From Rhonda:
I would give generously to my church. I would pay off existing debt, prepay college for my granddaughter, share the rest with family and friends.

From D.Speight;
I would purchase a new house and invest the bulk of the winnings!

Nan writes:
Geez my hands are shaking just thinking about it, I know a million isn't what it used to be. So with that said, I would first hire a good financial person. Then I would give some to my family and close friends to spend as they wish, I would also give money to the Special Olympics who I think is a great organization. Then my Hubby and I would take a nice vacation to decide what to do next. I'm not sure if he would retire, or if we would invest so we could have more money for our retirement, but whatever we decided, it would be nice to know that we had enough money to retire soon. PS of course I would have to take some to have a shopping spree.

From Bill B.:
Call Deb Taft and have her invest it. (editor's note--not a bad idea)

A. Loretta J. writes:
Thank you for an opportunity to express my appreciation to CNBC for having this contest. I am a beginning investor and this has proved to be interesting as well as challenging. If I win the $1 million first I would tithe, then I would bless my immediate family by paying off any outstanding debts (credit cards loans etc) Then I would offer them an opportunity to invest a said amount that I would give to them so that they too could benefit from the lessons I have learned while being involved in this contest. My family is very special and deserves to have a feeling of financial independence and I believe winning this contest could allow us that freedom.

From Jerry S:
If I won the million – I would probably opt for the following (in order):
Pay down remaining credit card and car payment debt
Take a 7-10 day family cruise.
Give a bit away to family.
Invest the rest …
Thanks for asking.

From Andres R:
I'd break it up in separate mutual funds for each of my nephews and nieces and let it grow until they are ready for college. They would be allowed to spend it on education after they foot the bill for the first two years without going into debt to do it. Any money left that is not used for education will be invested in my retirement fund. Anyway you look at it, I can't quit my job simply because $1 mil won't get you far these days. Good luck to all.

Jim C. From California writes:
I would:
1. Buy my wife the kitchen remodel of her dreams.
2. Take my wife on a fly-fishing trip of our dreams, either to Patagonia area of Chile, or New Zealand.
3. Talk with our 4 adult children [blended family- two hers and two mine] and provide part, or all, of the financing for one of their dreams.
4. Buy more Long Term Care Insurance for my wife and me.
Invest the rest {maybe even hiring Jim Cramer to run the money}.
Thanks for the opportunity to play the dream investing game with $1M in dream bucks.

From Sarah:
Hello. If I won the 1 million, first I would pay off my student loan debt. I wouldn't quit my job, in fact, I would actually go to get my MBA and pay for it outright. I would buy a house and buy my parents a house and get a new Volvo XC90. I would definitely give some to charity but I don't know which one. Then I would save the rest.S

And from Bill H.:
First get good night of sleep.
2nd. I will stop screening stocks for a while, your game is addictive.
Third I will fund my sons college fund, & our parents need a little help.
Then off to a tropical island vacation after Hurricane season.
So now out of that first $100,000 after taxes there should be enough left over for investing. More stock screening, & sleepless nights. Oh the life of a Millionaire.
Last but not least, I need to buy Cramer's books, my luck can't last forever. See you guy's in May when I come to get my Money. Game is fun.

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